Kenyir Dam

Recently, I lead a group of my student to Kenyir Dam Hydroelectric Station. We departed from our school at about 8a.m. But the students have gathered earlier on that day. Maybe they were so eager about going on a visit that they've waited long before. And for me, this is one of the way to reward them for being so hardworking and maybe a motivation for them as a PSS prefect.

About 35 students boarding the bus. Everyone has a smiling face. With us are 6 teachers including me. Madam Dayang, Mr. Mazlan MW, Mr. Aris, Mr. Yusri and Kak Ma were those very supportive in making this program a success at last. Thanks to them. Not forgotten the committee members of PSS that also play a big role behind like K. Yah, K. Za, Azaki san, and also Mdm. Zila. Our PK HEM Mr. Sazali also with us, but he went by his own car.

I have packed complimentary breakfast for my student and distributed once the bus hit the road. They seem enjoying their breakfast. Some of them not taken their breakfast yet and it's a relief that I made them the sandwich. At least it could hold them until lunch.

The journey took us three hours before we arrived at the Kenyir dam's guard post. We were half an hour behind schedule. We have no problem entering the compound as they have our letter already. And the officer have waited at the station. It was a little bit rainy that day. I thought we'd be unable to go up the dam afterward.

The officer in-charged invited us to their conference room. They have briefed us about 45 minutes on the history and the operation of the dam. The officer.......

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